30 March, 2017

Catching up with SLers

So, earlier this week I was going through an old folder on my desktop that was chock full of all sorts of things that I had moved back in March of 2016 from my ancient Gateway onto the then-new Acer and I came upon a sub-folder of bookmarks pertaining to a couple SL losers (actual folder name: SL Junkies & Victims). I thought "What the hell. Let's see what they've been up to."

First up was a link to Gypsy Quixote's Twitter timeline (see also https://twitter.com/ShivSharpener). Gypsy, who used to fancy himself quite the Social Justice Warrior, seems to have ingested so much heroin (or meth, or crack, or bath salts, or whatever the fuck he's using these days) that he's turned into a full-fledged anti-immigrant, anti-trans, racist anti-semite whose likely only remaining SL friend is his partner, Bryte Paine. The poor white trash either bought into all of Trump’s rhetoric and lies and is now a certified Deplorable or is under deep, deep cover.

The rest of the links were to a variety of pages by and about Moaner (better known to SLers as Mona Eberhardt AKA Mona Okiddo AKA Mona Okiddo-Eberhardt AKA slutrix AKA Minoan Priestess Mona AKA Mona AKA slut Mona).

SL Feeds

Moaner doesn't seem to be doing anywhere near as much sucking up to the "famous" SLers that she… *cough*... sorry, he... used to do in her... *cough*... sorry, his... own quest for SL "fame" on her... *cough*... sorry, his... feed these days. Most of her... *cough*... sorry, his... activity there is "loving" snapshots posted by Irissweet AKA Iris Okiddo, another of Kemicq AKA Liara Okiddo's SL "widows" (you may recall that Liara "left" SL, or "lost access" to SL "against her will"), and a couple other people.


Despite the fact that I hadn't mentioned her... *cough*... sorry, him... in any context on Twitter (where I usually refer to her... *cough*... sorry, him... as simply Moaner or dudebro) since August of 2016 or since April of 2015 on this blog, Moaner began giving me a number of "shoutouts" starting in October of 2016, shortly before I took a break from keeping up with Twitter, blogs, etc., because I was a) sick as a dog and b) sick of hearing about Trump. Never mind that none of these shoutouts appear in my timeline, as Moaner is blocked just as I am blocked from hers.

[In fact, I can find no instance of me using either of her... *cough*... sorry, his...  actual known Twitter handles, @monaeberhardt and @slutrix, in my Twitter archive since April of 2013. Presumably, my tweets mentioning @monaeberhardt were removed when my account was briefly suspended on or about September 16 of 2015 (*** CORRECTION: September 2014) after she... *cough*... sorry, he...  complained about a tweet that was generated by the defunct Twitter RPG known as Tweeria and that I elected to share on Twitter. It was probably something along the lines of "Peasant @MonaEberhardt was killed with an asparagus spear by @GriffinCeawlin" (see an example of an actual Tweeria-generated message here) which she... *cough*... sorry, he... Moaner, must have convinced the powers-that-be at Twitter was a "Violent threat (direct or indirect)".]

[*** UPDATE: The offending Tweeria-generated tweet that likely got me suspended from Twitter can be seen here. I had posted it to Plurk shortly after my account was reinstated.]

Let us examine these. Read from the bottom of the blocks up, as they are displayed on Twitter (I can’t be arsed with any further cutting and pasting). My responses follow.

A bunch of unfounded, unproven allegations made by a bunch of screeches in a witch hunt over at drama central SLU (anyone can go read it and see it’s all smoke and no fire), and I “knew” what my “buddy” was, Moaner??? And did he really brag about how he likes to fuck kids or is that just some more shit that you made up? Hmmm?

Oh, and FYI: I’m not sure that Mitch was ever on Plurk, and he still follows me and I him on Twitter.

[*** UPDATE: I just looked and Mitch is indeed on Plurk. And I (still) follow him there. (That's how much attention I pay to Plurk...)]

Moaner, you’re just.making.shit.up.

Please. Show everyone the “MRA bile” that I’ve been “spewing” against “feminists and anti-rape activists.” I’ll wait for it.

Do I think One Billion Rising is a colossal waste of time, energy, and resources? Absolutely. But you keep drinking Eve Ensler’s Kool-Aid and continue to think that you’ve made a bit of difference by “rising” and dancing on “Vagina Day,” especially by sitting on your ass and “rising” and dancing in a virtual world.

I have to point out here once again, Moaner, that reading is not stalking. If I choose to read the crap that you post to YOUR blog, YOUR Twitter, YOUR SL feed... and comment on it in MY own space(s)? That’s my prerogative. Just as it’s your prerogative to read MINE. And read you do, you “stalker.”

And all that “shit” spewed against you? You’ve yet to refute a single bit of it.

Awwww. Go cry to your friends about it. If you still have any. Maybe they’ll throw you a pity party. But I doubt it.

Me. A Clinton campaigner. Tweeting for her campaign, yet! Did anyone bother to tell the campaign about it? Certainly nobody told me about it… And where the fuck is my check?!!

You’ll have to show me where I denigrated Sanders… Did you want him to win? Did you really think he possibly could? A self-professed socialist, in a country where half the population is deathly afraid at the mention of… *gasp*… socialism, a word they don’t know the definition of?

As for Jill… Well.

“Rapey.” Not a word I recall ever using. Not a word I was familiar with before I Googled it today. In fact, not really a word.

Disapproving of “women’s anti-rape stance”? Nah. Just the waste of time that is OBR. I realize that in your eyes that probably somehow makes me “pro-rape” but… Well, you’re as delusional as Jill.

Oh, I know me some tough-talking women. Real women. You know. Biological, cisgender women. I’ve even known some tough-talking trans women.

Not like you. You’re just a man pretending to be a woman in a virtual world. And it shows.

Oh, I would feel sorry for that child. If it were true.

My position on Gamergate was/is pretty clear. In case you missed it: https://griffinceawlin.blogspot.com/2014/12/meanwhile-over-at-slu-gamergate-circle.html

“Aligned with Breitbart”? Really. You know that expression “you can’t make this shit up”? Well, apparently, you can.

And do please show me where I “pestered” the “progressives of the USA and other countries” while “shilling for Hillary.” I did tell one Bernie bro to get over his primary loss, but… Really.

Here I am, Moaner. Sorry I haven’t been paying you any attention. Come get some.

I’m guessing you’re missing Pep, too? Drop him a line and let him know.

Oh, boo fucking hoo. You’ve been moaning about it for years, too. Greece took the loans and doesn’t want to pay them back. And we should feel sorry for you? YOU? I don’t think so.

As for me, I’m handling the results just fine. I figure I can bury my head in the sand for years before I suffocate.

You’ll like this, Moaner. Straight from Wikipedia, one of your favorite sources for your plagiarized writings.

Alt-right beliefs have been described as white supremacist, frequently overlapping with antisemitism and Neo-Nazism, nativism and Islamophobia, antifeminism and homophobia, white nationalism, right-wing populism, and the neoreactionary movement. The concept has further been associated with multiple groups from American nationalists, neo-monarchists, men's rights advocates, and the 2016 presidential campaign of Donald Trump.

Shows just how very little you know about me.

P.S. Snowflake is a favorite term of some in the so-called alt-right. And it’s not reserved for so-called alt-righters...

As for who the piece of shit is, Moaner, it is you who has yet again doxxed someone (ask him if he cares) that you disagree with. Does that make you feel better?

And because I might share some of the opinions of someone who has always thoroughly disgusted me and whose visa I think should be revoked I should be… what, Moaner? Tarred and feathered? Deported myself? What?

Remember when you were buddy-buddy with Gypsy AKA ShivSharpener?

That’s right. Hillary lost the election because of me, Moaner. I am that important.

I didn’t “follow” that dickhead anywhere, Moaner.

How IS your old buddy Gypsy, by the way?

Oh, I have those in abundance, Moaner. Just not for you. None whatsoever.

Bring it, Moaner. I guarantee you will not like the result.

No, Moaner. Fuck YOU.

Edit: Fixed formatting.

26 August, 2016

What. The. Fuck.

Posted to the Second Life Forums Feedback section at 08-26-2016 12:56 AM (and gone by 08-26-2016 1:00 AM):

Original URL: https://community.secondlife.com/t5/Forums-Feedback/Escort-ads-in-Destination-Guide-BAD-Escort-ads-in-official/m-p/3060570#M4880

*** See ongoing updates at end of post. ***

[Begin forum post.]

Escort ads in Destination Guide? BAD! Escort ads in official Second Life Forum? GOOD!!!

"... As a globally available service, Second Life is subject to many regional restrictions that prohibit advertising or promotion for some types of content and services, such as escorts and explicit content, including nudity. Because content listed in the Destination Guide can be seen by users of all ages and in all territories, no descriptions — regardless of rating — should contain explicit or overtly sexual language or imagery. Linden Lab’s guidelines for inclusion of adult-rated content in the Destination Guide aim to be consistent with the search-industry standards for advertising and search-engine promotion, as seen in these published guidelines by Google, Microsoft and Yahoo...

Relevant search-industry standards for advertising and search-engine promotion, as seen in these published guidelines:
  • Google: When promoting adult-oriented content, you may not do any of the following: ... promote escort services or other services that may be interpreted as providing sexual acts in exchange for compensation;
  • Bing: Disallowed adult content. For all advertisers, including participants in the Adult Advertising Program, advertising may not include keyword variations, ads or websites that relate in any way to... escorts...;
  • Yahoo/Gemini: Ads for dating sites (including ad text, ad image or video, and landing pages) must not: ... Promote escort services.
(Just talking about escort here. The above services also have rules that disallow other kinds of advertising and keywords (Ex., Bing: "that relate in any way to illegal, non-consensual, denigrating, obscene or violent activity, including bestiality, brutality, torture, death, illegal drug use, cruelty, prostitution, pedophilia, rape, incest, extreme or shocking sex, child pornography, strippers/strip clubs, escorts or content that relates to persons who are, or are suggested to be, under the legal age permitted in applicable jurisdictions.")


So escort ads are not allowed in the Destination Guide because "Second Life is subject to many regional restrictions that prohibit advertising or promotion for some types of content and services, such as escorts" and "because content listed in the Destination Guide can be seen by users of all ages and in all territories."

But escort ads are seemingly allowed in the Official Second Life Forums. Why?

Do the "many regional restrictions that prohibit advertising or promotion for some types of content and services, such as escorts" not apply here? Is content here not able to be "seen by users of all ages and in all territories"?

Seems quite the disconnect.

Beyond that, users posting these escort ads typically push the envelope as far as nudity or adult content are concerned. Many are far removed from a “General” rating ('Keep the content of your postings “General"'). Would these users be comfortable saying and doing these things in front of their grandmother or a grade school class???

Then there's the whole "Spamming is not allowed" thing. These users are undoubtedly advertising/promoting specific "services" within Second Life. And there simply is no "forum area... specifically for the buying or selling of" the particular "Second Life products or services" that these users are offering.

"Oh, no," you might say. "They're poor, downtrodden sex workers looking for employment."

But most of these ads are posted by users who own or are already employed by and promoting "escort agencies" or "clubs."

So what is the justification for two standards, LL, one for the Destination Guide and one for the Forums?

(And yes, I'm hoping someone from LL can inform me and think that this, the Forum Feedback section, is the place to ask the question. It is, after all, forum feedback.)

[End forum post.]


It can take hours or days to get a mod to take down one or more posts that are clearly in violation of the posting guidelines but this was taken down in less that five minutes.

Guess nobody is supposed to question LL's "good judgement."

UPDATE: Huh. It's there when one follows the direct link but it's not listed on the SLF or on my SLF profile page.

UPDATE II: Went to edit post and reposted. Appears as normal. False alarm. LOL. Still. Fucking WEIRD.

UPDATE III: Goes back and forth. Visible. Invisible. Visible again. Fucked up.

UPDATE IV: Aaaaaand now it's gone. Fucking mods.

UPDATE V: Now available through direct link AGAIN. I DO NOT GET THIS.

UPDATE VI: A post that I made to General Discussion pointing to the mysteriously invisible and then not invisible post in Forums Feedback suffered from the same issues. And now the original is now longer available following the direct link. I did not receive a warning notice. Will post again. Possibly risking a ban, but...

Update VII: Posted and... same shit, different day. It's as if my posts go directly into limbo. (Preemptive) Holding for moderation, LL?

Update VIII: OK. So. LOL. LL is aware of and investigating "some inconsistencies with the Forum Feedback Category on the forums" and has duplicated the same result(s) on their end and is working with Lithium on a (hopeful) resolution. So it's NOT JUST ME. (Oh, and not the usual overactive moderation.)

Update IX: Fixed and posted at original URL. Thank you, LL. (Now to get an answer.)

11 April, 2015


I'll just leave these here. Story still developing.





 Yep. I tweeted it. Read from bottom to top.

These may be completely unrelated, but... interesting...

07 April, 2015

IMs to email.

Posted on Twitter, reposting here for posterity.
[4:06] MariaQ Bowler: hey

12:10 AM Me: Hello?

[4:11] MariaQ Bowler: u wanna buy a nude or sex

12:15 AM Me: No?

[4:22] MariaQ Bowler: u wanna just send me cash then

12:28 AM Me: Nah. How 'bout you just fuck off?

[4:28] MariaQ Bowler: nah id rather the cash
Note that Griffin hasn't been inworld in some time. How MariaQ picked that name to solicit shall forever remain a mystery.