06 June, 2011


This is a transcript, as much as I can recall of it, of a short conversation that I had in voice some time ago. I was at a multi-day, multi-sim fashion extravaganza, by myself, and had paused and gone AFK while I was in front of one of the shops.

After I had been there for some time already, this person (who I had previously met and talked to on a number of occasions) and his "entourage" TPed in right in front of me. They walked past me, going clockwise around the venue, and I continued on my way, counter-clockwise. Given that, our paths were destined to cross again, which they did.

I had gone for a smoke and barely returned to my computer when I heard through my headphones, which were still on the desk...

Will: Can I help you?!
[headphones on]
Will: Hello?!! Can I help you?!!
Me: Will?
Will: Do I know you?!
Me: Um... yeah...
Will: From where?!
Me: Well, we used to play Greedy together at K----'s (who used to be one of his best friends) club? You, me, C-----, T----... A-------... D--------?
Will: Sorry. Doesn't ring a bell.
Me: And once in a while with S--- and a bunch of our other friends at his club?
Will: Nope. Sorry. Bye!
Me: See ya!

First off... Did I look like I needed help? Did anyone ask you for your help? [I certainly wouldn't have asked for any fashion advice...] Do you accost people that you "don't know" like this on a regular basis?

You may have thought that I was checking out your "partner"? (Which one are you on now? Number four? Five?), but I assure you I wasn't. I was camming in to the shops. Next time, check the crosshairs, douchebag.

Second... Yeah, you know me. I'm one of the first people that you met in SL from the same damn state as you, or so you said. I used to live in the same damn city that you live in, even though you now say that you live in a neighboring state. I live not too far from the mall that you take the bus to (probably to hang out in the tearooms...). We talked about all of that crap, down to the friggin' shitty neighborhood you live in, full of people of your own ethnicity that you despise.

Do you know me. Cut me a break. I know you fancy yourself some sort of SLebrity, dear, but you're not. Trust me on that. Even if you were, I know what you look like IRL, and where you come from.

So get the fuck over yourself already.