03 June, 2012


Twice a year, I buzz off all the hair on my head. Besides making it easier to deal with the summer heat (last weekend, it got into the 90s), I find it... liberating.

I don't devote much time to my hair... not like I used to... but having next to none frees up even more. Time spent in maintenance and in trying to keep it out of my face. There's also a "cleansing" element to it. And it's a weight off my shoulders. Literally. Like half a pound's worth.

And so it is with this here blog thingy.

I've "reverted to draft" all posts dealing with the antics of Sus and friends (which account for the majority). Anybody who has or had any interest in them probably has copies saved, or was subscribed to the feed, in which case they are still available.

They served their purpose. Don't mind me while I clean house.

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