30 July, 2012

An Update.

I was able to view the Forum thread referenced in my previous post from my phone today (Monday, 7/30). All three of my posts to it are gone. The first was the one copied back to me in my warning.

In the second, I responded to the OP's statement that he had expected more of a backlash from religious fundamentalists than from "the homosexuals" by pointing out that he wasn't implying that the fundamentalists were broken and in need of fixing and that his message was the same as theirs (which is that "the homosexuals" are broken and in need of fixing).

In my third and final post, I agreed with the OP that many Christians misinterpret scripture. As an example, I added that I had no recollection of ever using the services of or being employed as a temple prostitute, which is what Paul is referring to in Romans. I then responded to his request that I be his friend by telling him that he was welcome to send a friend request but that I couldn't see the point, as the sympathy that I felt for him was not in my mind any sort of basis for a friendship.

An examination of posts from others that remain include: one where the OP is called a "fundamentalist nut job" suffering from "delusions"; one that discusses "religious brainwashing"; one that references the OP's "thick head"; and one where his beliefs are described as "crap".

So, we're back to "Get some help." Which I believe the OP truly needs.

I should add that I don't believe that the OP is the person who RIC'd my posts. I think I may have made myself an enemy on the Forums who has decided to abuse the moderation process by being a RICtard. The fact that with that last post I reached Helper rank, by virtue of it being my 3,000th post, may or may not have something to do with it.

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