24 February, 2013

Pulling Rank and "Gamification".

Stellar: PM message from LL says I now have a rank. Three words did it.

Laetizia Coronet: You now have the rank smell of "gamification", Honored Resident. :/

Stellar: OMG, it's so funny! I posted exactly three times*, and each time I got a PM from LL telling me I had a new "rank"?!
1) Your new rank is Resident
2) Recognized Resident
3) Honored Resident
*Does some math* At this rate, if I get busy, I figure I could be president by next week!

Laetizia Coronet: The best you can do is Helper I think. This entails forgetting all about your real life and spending day and night here...

Griffin: That's supposed to be a dig at me, Stellar, in case you missed it. (Yeah, REALLY lame, but I've come to expect it.) ETA: Meanwhile, Tish's friend there is the one that is actually gaming the system. But she's stuck on Advisor. (refers to baby Kranfel, who gives kudos to her main, DQ Darwin)

Stellar: Helper? Aw, hell. I don't wanna help on this forum. : (
Plus, I'm supposed to be inworld building. Damn you, LL, for getting my hopes up! *shakes fist into the ethernet!*

Griffin: Yes, some people actually do help other people here. Others... they just bring their butthurt here.

Laetizia Coronet: It's all about you, isn't it.

Griffin: Word. ETA: If you weren't speaking of me, Tish, then who? Marigold?

Laetizia Coronet: I was speaking of helpers in general. As is clear from the signature line I use, I don't like this rank system at all. I never have. Maybe it's hard for you to understand that my life isn't actually about you, but it isn't.

Griffin: Oh, so you feel that Helpers in general "forget... all about [their] real life and spend... day and night here." Good to know. And people (including some Helpers; you know... the people that "forget... all about [their] real life and spend... day and night here.") have asked LL to do away with it. Then why do I get the impresssion that you're dogging me here?

Laetizia Coronet: You started reacting to me. I'm only replying. So who's dogging now?

Griffin: Well, let's see. Here I am posting to this thread since yesterday evening. I'm one of two Helpers who had been posting here before your now famous "forgetting all about your real life and spending day and night here..." You don't appear to have any issues with Marigold, but you do have issues with me. So, who could you possibly be talking about, hmmm? In addition, you and baby both seem to be active in a lot of threads that i've been posting to lately. Coincidence? Don't bother answering that. Rhetorical. BTW. I thought you didn't want to speak to me any further? Funny way of showing it.

Laetizia Coronet: So you start talking to me and then you complain about me replying. I guess I don't even have to tell you what could have avoided my "dogging" you, do I?

Griffin: Um. I "replied" to one of your posts, but it was clearly directed at Stellar.

21 February, 2013


Laetizia Coronet wrote: I disapprove of this use of alts 95% of the time. I make an exception for people who are almost forced to use alts because their opponents swoop in on everything they say as their main account. But that's a different story.

Griffin wrote: So, you've never been there cheering on the use of griefer alts, Tish?

Laetizia Coronet wrote: "Griefer alt" is not a term I'd use in this case, but not that I know of. Why do you ask?

Griffin wrote: I seem to recall you "loving" the feed posts of an alt that was created for the purpose of helping to disseminate the RL info of someone.

Correct me if I'm wrong.

Laetizia Coronet wrote: I think my words have been clear enough. I don't see why you think it is necessary to doubt them?

Griffin wrote: Because there is often a disconnect between what people say and what they do.

Tish "not loving" one of Deek's latest griefer alts:

ETA: It should be noted that one of my own alts engaged in discussion on this feed. Tish's posts there have since been deleted.

04 February, 2013

As ye sow, so shall ye reap.

Really? What's this, then?

So... You didn't post that on your Twitter? If not you, Robtish, then who?

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Remember those love notes you sent to me and only me from your feed, Robtish? Around Christmastime? Well, I wanted to find out for myself what kind of person would spend close to two thirds of an hour typing rubbish out on their own feed to SPAM someone.

Not the character Tish. No. The person behind the avatar.

I knew you were not as you represent yourself inworld.

I knew you were male.

I knew you were not of African descent.

I knew you were from the Netherlands and living in Italy.

I don't recall how I got there, but there it was and is, for anyone to see. A link to a Flickr page in the history of your very own Second Life Wiki vanity page. A link that you put there.

Which makes this really funny:

Just a click over to your Flickr and then another to your profile and there's: your full name, your occupation, your hometown, a link to your blog and... last but not least... "A Dutchman living in Calabria, southern Italy."

Home run!

From there, it was really quite easy to find your Twitter, your LinkedIn profile, posts on various forums, books you worked on as a translator (I'm really very curious about Het Penisboek, myself), etc., etc., etc.

Pep found Rob/Tish in La Repubblica... and he may have found Rob (just Rob) from something I said... or he found Rob (just Rob) on his own. I don't know.

Fact is... I looked all of that up when you sent those love notes... and I sat on it. Till now.

Sure, I poked with the "edge of Europe" thing, as did Pep, but nobody else had a damn clue.

And then you opened your big fucking mouth.

No, it wasn't me you outed. And while Pep is not exactly my bestie (despite what the herd thinks), NOBODY... not even him, no matter how much hatred you bear in your heart for him... deserved to be outed.

Well. You know what they say...

P.S. Nice to see you and your little friends Deek (with her new alt), Gypsy (copying links to feed posts that have zilch to do with Pep) and Lillie (really surprised at you, you innocent little thing) having fun continuing what you started.