04 February, 2013

As ye sow, so shall ye reap.

Really? What's this, then?

So... You didn't post that on your Twitter? If not you, Robtish, then who?

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Remember those love notes you sent to me and only me from your feed, Robtish? Around Christmastime? Well, I wanted to find out for myself what kind of person would spend close to two thirds of an hour typing rubbish out on their own feed to SPAM someone.

Not the character Tish. No. The person behind the avatar.

I knew you were not as you represent yourself inworld.

I knew you were male.

I knew you were not of African descent.

I knew you were from the Netherlands and living in Italy.

I don't recall how I got there, but there it was and is, for anyone to see. A link to a Flickr page in the history of your very own Second Life Wiki vanity page. A link that you put there.

Which makes this really funny:

Just a click over to your Flickr and then another to your profile and there's: your full name, your occupation, your hometown, a link to your blog and... last but not least... "A Dutchman living in Calabria, southern Italy."

Home run!

From there, it was really quite easy to find your Twitter, your LinkedIn profile, posts on various forums, books you worked on as a translator (I'm really very curious about Het Penisboek, myself), etc., etc., etc.

Pep found Rob/Tish in La Repubblica... and he may have found Rob (just Rob) from something I said... or he found Rob (just Rob) on his own. I don't know.

Fact is... I looked all of that up when you sent those love notes... and I sat on it. Till now.

Sure, I poked with the "edge of Europe" thing, as did Pep, but nobody else had a damn clue.

And then you opened your big fucking mouth.

No, it wasn't me you outed. And while Pep is not exactly my bestie (despite what the herd thinks), NOBODY... not even him, no matter how much hatred you bear in your heart for him... deserved to be outed.

Well. You know what they say...

P.S. Nice to see you and your little friends Deek (with her new alt), Gypsy (copying links to feed posts that have zilch to do with Pep) and Lillie (really surprised at you, you innocent little thing) having fun continuing what you started.

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