17 February, 2013

Strange Bedfellows.


NOTE: Slutrix is referring to Gypsy Quixote here:





  1. I cannot understand this thinking: "Let's face it: If you have friends who go around spamming people's feeds in order to stalk others, you're a piece of trash."

    First, because the words used, "spam" and "stalk", can be conveniently shaped so you can always say "no, I didn't mean this" and still continue accusing the people you don't like of doing so.

    Second, because it assumes A LOT from what you've told (or not) to your friends, without having asked you.

    Third, because by saying "piece of trash" you're not showing yourself to be better than those you SAY that are "stalking".

    (I went to Twitter, to look for the original quotes and save the links, but Twitter is not helping me reaching December 23th, and the search tool is not helping. Would it be asking too much for the links to the twitts? >.< )

    1. Hi, Auryn.

      This followed on the heels of an incident in which Gypsy went to a four-month-old post on Pep's feed and proceeded to SPAM it, mostly with single characters like "." and "k". This of course led to everyone who had posted to it four months prior receiving 99+ notifications.

      To be fair, I retaliated by first (I admit it) SPAMming Gypsy's feed, but then moving on to a post on Robtish's feed that Gypsy had posted to earlier, the better for more "collateral damage", as Gypsy would call it.

      Robtish then retaliated against me by first blocking me so that I couldn't delete my one comment on a later post on his feed ( https://my.secondlife.com/laetizia.coronet/posts/50d40d179a1ab10002002035 ), guaranteeing that I would get notifications, and then SPAMming the hell out of it (the "love notes" that I reference in my blog post of February 4.). He then invited Gypsy to "say hi" to me on that same feed post (see https://twitter.com/Tish_Coronet/status/282905760546029569 ), clearly an invitation to further annoy me. Gypsy, to his credit, restrained himself.

      The exchange between Robtish and Mona on Twitter was a continuation of one that started on Inara's feed.






  2. Wow, I see. Thanks for the clarifications, and the links :-)

    1. You're welcome.

      For future reference... If you log out of Twitter, you can most likely get to those earlier posts that just won't load. ;)

    2. Oh, now that's a bit odd... When I checked Twitter, I wasn't logged at all. As I scrolled down, it was loading more posts, until a certain moment (middle of January), when it said it couldn't load more, "please try again" (which meant, having to reload and again scroll all the way down).

      Or have I understood you the other way, and you mean, if I am logged in with my account, I *can* get to the earlier posts?

      Anyway, this is not important... The important has been already explained. Thanks again :-)

    3. I had trouble loading them, too, _until_ I logged out.