23 March, 2013

Kudo Gaming.

Deek continues to give herself kudos via her alt, baby Kranfel. This is from when I first noticed her "gaming", which happened to be on the day that she earned herself a ban/suspension from the Forum (February 18, for her posts to this thread):

ETA: I had opened baby K.'s profile from that thread page, looked at the kudos given, and there was one (given to Osprey T.). Looked again and voila! Three to Deek in a matter of minutes.

This is from today:

[Note: The jury's still out on who the operator of BabyDeeQ is. It could be Deek, it could be someone else.]

Kudos to you, Deek. Woooot.

I wonder how her "stringent follow up" is going.

Of course, nobody could possibly infer that she was suspended/banned from the Forum because all of her posts to that thread poofed and baby K. and one of Deek's other alts (Kerr Fall AKA Kerr Fail) stepped in, could they? It has to be a conspiracy.

Shades of Sus.

Speaking of Ms. Pig... I wonder if Sus, now that she's back, will have anything to say about this blatant "kudo gaming"...

Nah. Course not.

04 March, 2013

I'll just leave these here...

... and after you've read them (IF you bother to read them), you can get back to your continued screeching and finger-pointing, your conflating of issues, and your removal from friends lists of people who have opinions that differ from your own.

Take Back Valentine's Day!

One Billion Rising: The Ladies’ Movement That Smells Like Kony 2012

The Best Valentine's Day Gift for College Students: Gender Reconciliation

Why I Won't Support One Billion Rising

Blaming Men Doesn’t Stop Domestic Violence

Happy Valentine's Day

Have a nice day.

(Yeah, I'm a little late to the party, but I'm still hearing about fallout. You people should be soooooo proud of yourselves.)