23 March, 2013

Kudo Gaming.

Deek continues to give herself kudos via her alt, baby Kranfel. This is from when I first noticed her "gaming", which happened to be on the day that she earned herself a ban/suspension from the Forum (February 18, for her posts to this thread):

ETA: I had opened baby K.'s profile from that thread page, looked at the kudos given, and there was one (given to Osprey T.). Looked again and voila! Three to Deek in a matter of minutes.

This is from today:

[Note: The jury's still out on who the operator of BabyDeeQ is. It could be Deek, it could be someone else.]

Kudos to you, Deek. Woooot.

I wonder how her "stringent follow up" is going.

Of course, nobody could possibly infer that she was suspended/banned from the Forum because all of her posts to that thread poofed and baby K. and one of Deek's other alts (Kerr Fall AKA Kerr Fail) stepped in, could they? It has to be a conspiracy.

Shades of Sus.

Speaking of Ms. Pig... I wonder if Sus, now that she's back, will have anything to say about this blatant "kudo gaming"...

Nah. Course not.


  1. I begin to miss a "*facepalms*" option for "Reactions" :-)

    (I don't know yet all the "who is who", but reading this has made me "facepalm".)

    1. LOL. Deek is DQ Darwin, who I think you may "know" from the feeds. Sus is Suspiria Finucane AKA Miss Piggy AKA MP, self-described "Queen" of the SLF, who had a conniption when the SLF moved over to Lithium. Some of her posts got whacked in the process and in testing the (then new) moderation she earned herself a one-week ban that she still hasn't gotten over. According to her, there was a "kudo gaming ring", part of the supa-sekret "Forum Hit Squad". I'd send you over to her blog to read her ravings, but you'd have to click through possibly hundreds of pages containing nothing more than single links to articles about "social media" and Youtube videos.

  2. Oh yes, I remember Suspiria and her blog, from the times I could still follow the forum... "The truth, only the truth and nothing more than the truth", or something in those lines was the subtitle then... Those claims always make me smile :-)

    Deek was new to me. I've not seen her much around in the comments of the people I follow, but then, I chose to follow The Wrong Side (TM)! (nor I've seen her to make much sense anyway - I know toddlers with more style when trying to be insulting)

    Popularity contests are always fun, specially when there's no such contest, yet some call themselves the queen/king of the party. I mean, when you look at the situation with some perspective, all I see is "Ms Disney Princess of the Pixie World is now mad at Mr Internet Knight for he's not invited her to the ball". Try to read that without laughing. I can't :-)