27 May, 2013



Nice try, Moaner.

You can try to explain it away, but the simple fact is that using anti-gay slurs in a misguided attempt to malign those that you don't agree with only serves to perpetuate the negative connotations associated with those words.

When 49 percent of students and 45 percent of teachers in elementary schools regularly hear the term "gay" used in a disparaging manner by other students (as in "that's so gay") and 26 percent of students and teachers report hearing students use outright homophobic slurs ("fag", "lesbo", etc.) , something is very, very wrong.

"Fag"? There are few words that are more humiliating that one can call a teenaged boy, gay or straight. It's obvious that you've never felt that sting.

Now, I don't see the NRA attacking gay people. Do you really think that you hit them hard by calling them "gunfags"? Or by saying that they must suffer from some latent or repressed homosexuality?

Ferguson is a man who is quite used to smearing his opponents and thought that it would be acceptable to do so in front of an audience of investors. He's since learned that it isn't. I don't agree with him and I certainly make no apologies for him, but he's just one of a long line of right-wingers who have tried to dismiss Keynes because he was childless.

What's your excuse again? That you're just "point[ing] out that their speech and behaviour shows a certain insecurity regarding their own sexuality"? And you can't do that without reducing yourself to using slurs?

Well, Moaner...

For someone who seems to consider herself an intellectual powerhouse, you've shown yourself to be anything but.

As a supposed LGBT ally? You may just do more harm than good just by opening your fucking mouth.

P.S. You're the dolt that doesn't "get it".