29 January, 2014

Meh. I'm busy looking for dead people, anyway.

So, I'm banned from the SLF for a month for calling Jumpy a "knob". I only said out loud what most people think of him...

That followed a warning for, I believe, posting: "Yep, it's amazing what you can find using Google." Hard to tell since the entire thread, where Jumpy offered as "evidence" of his "fame" his "googleability", disappeared and my offense was not exactly explained in detail.

Interesting side note: I was able to at least view the Forums, not logged in, as I usually do until I followed the link to that now-gone thread from my email. Now I get this (the "reason" is a new addition; before, it was just the countdown):

Yay for TOR! I can still read the crazy if I feel like it. Suck it, LL.

Sus came back long enough to suggest that she benefited from Rodvik's direct intervention (If you recall from an old post here, she believed that Amanda Linden was fired for what Sus saw as her poor treatment of her. Amanda's offense? Why, banning Sus from the SLF, of course!) and to stick her nose so far up Jumpy's ass that he was in serious danger of perforation.

Meanwhile, Jumpy was banned again from SLU. Rather, Jumpy's alt, masquerading as a "clerk" employed at the offices of Jumpy's "shyster lawyers" to get around Jumpy's ban, was.

Too bad, Chump.