24 September, 2014

Stalkers and bullies and trolls, oh my!

Moaner said:
One of the worst kinds of stalkers in SL and RL is the vengeful stalker; this person convinces themselves that you are their enemy (even if you've never interacted with them, or had more than the misfortune of having exchanged a few words with them), simply because of your opinions.
I don't think of you as my enemy, Moaner, just as a fraud whose stupidity should be exposed for what it is. The problem is that you choose to just block everyone who has an opinion that differs from your own (disagrees with you). As I said elsewhere, that's just lazy. And now you've gone further and tried to silence me. Well, that just won't do.
And they start stalking you, both on LL's own systems and outside of them (Twitter, blogs, forums, etc).
By "stalking" you mean... reading. Is that right? Then I would say that you are guilty of the same.
  • ~9/16 - My Twitter account is suspended. [Gee, who could possibly have reported me?]
  • 9/16 - I register a Plurk account.
  • 9/21 - I'm blocked on Plurk and plurk about it.
  • 9/21 - Your Plurk profile is set to private.
  • 9/22 - I plurk about it (a plurk that you liked) and mention my presence on ASN.
  • ~9/23 - Your post on ASN (now deleted) that refers to your "personal stalker" who's "announced he's come" to ASN "to continue his harassment - but under a different name this time" (see below) appears.
So... who's "stalking" who? If you are/were not "stalking" me, you:

a) wouldn't be reading my Twitter timeline so that you could become so very offended that you had to report me; and
b) would never even see my Plurk timeline so that you could become so very offended that you would feel the need to seek out pity from your fellow ASN users.

Some of these persons organise in groups whose sole existence is to troll, stalk and bully others.
I belong to many "groups", both formal and informal, none of "whose sole existence is to troll, stalk and bully others." Perhaps you'd care to elaborate and maybe even offer some evidence instead of just flapping your gums.
They also claim that what they do is covered by "freedom of speech".
Freedom of speech is the right to communicate one's opinions and ideas to anyone who is willing to receive them.

Nobody is forcing you to read (receive) my Twitter, Plurk, blog, etc.

The following post appeared on or about 9/23 and has since been deleted (one assumes by the author). Original link: https://www.avatarsocialnetwork.com/forums/topic/658/stalking-and-griefing/view/post_id/6192

I'm with you, Lanai. I have my personal stalker, and now he's announced he's come here as well to continue his harassment - but under a different name this time.
See above RE your very own "stalking", Moaner.
He has dedicated his plurk and blog...
No. You're just the latest in a short line of complete morons who've merited such treatment (I only now just realized that most of them happen to be men who play women in SL, and I suspect that you are no exception). Just ask some of your friends about Sus.
... to posting libelous and stalker-ish stuff directed at me.
The following definitions can be found at this link (I know you're quite familiar with the site): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Defamation

Libel is defined as defamation by written or printed words, pictures, or in any form other than by spoken words or gestures.

Defamation—also calumny, vilification, and traducement—is the communication of a false statement that harms the reputation of an individual, business, product, group, government, religion, or nation.

Crucial to the second definition is the word FALSE.

I challenge you to point to one single instance where I have made a false statement about you, or about anyone else for that matter.

It's been going on for two years now.
Your first appearance on my blog was in February of 2013. The Tweets in that post are from December of 2012. Prior to that, I didn't even know of your miserable existence.
In fact, yesterday I decided to remove a friend from here, because I saw that she lied when she said (in public) she had ditched a group of friends of hers whose SL was all about drama.
In other words, someone who disagreed with you.

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