22 October, 2014

Still reading, dudebro?

Moaner said:
I must note here that, way before gamergate came to be, we had precisely this sort of idiots [sic] in SL. Some of us have seen them in action.
Oh. Ya mean idiots like Mr. Tish? Mr. Tish, who published the full name (first, middle, last), location (and we're not talking about Joe Smith who lives in... say... NYC) and other RL details of someone that you both hate and then practically invited people to go "kick [his] face in" on his blog and on his Twitter timeline and who had his idiot friends create lame-ass "wiki" style pages publishing that same info?

Or idiots like Gypsy the junkie, who spammed the SL feeds with that info (and yeah, he's blamed at least one of his feed rampages on a heroin binge)?

Or idiots like Deek, who created at least one alt for that same purpose?

Or idiots like Lillie, who "loved" those feed posts?

Idiots like that?

Cuz... Ya know... If you're going to be all up in arms about people getting doxxed and threatened with physical violence, maybe you should condemn it everywhere and not just where you see fit.

And even if you didn't know about it when it happened, maybe you should shun those people.

But they are or were your "friends" so it's ok. Right?

UPDATE: I didn't connect all the dots when I wrote this (I've just come across a screenshot hidden away in my clipboard app), but Moaner herself joined the pile-on and published Pep's RL details in a comment on Facebook (in response to a link from ThinkProgress.org, as if anyone at ThinkProgress.org would ever give a crap).