21 December, 2014

Meanwhile, over at the SLU #GamerGate circle jerk...

According to my personal stalker...
Once more, Moaner... try to read it slooooowly this time and then repeat it to yourself, and repeat it again if you need to...

Reading does not equal stalking.
... (who also supports GG), ...
Mmmm. If you weren't "stalking" me, Moaner, how ever would you arrive at that conclusion?

I will say that I don't support the tactics of some of GamerGate's supporters but I do think that GamerGate has some valid points which have been all but lost in the noise.

I also don't support the tactics of the other side, who have done absolutely everything in their power to drown out any valid points that GamerGate and its supporters have with their constant... and I do mean constant... screeching (see above RE noise) and professional victimhood.

Now tell me what a misogynist I am.

... I'm supposedly a man too...
That is my belief, yes. And I'm far from alone in that belief.

Now tell me how that makes me, and anyone else who thinks so, a misogynist.

... (of course, he'll never provide proof).
And you'll never provide proof otherwise. You'll only dodge. Like when people ask you to a Google chat or to join a podcast to discuss a topic that you've put yourself forth as an expert on.

So, public or private, the maven of all that is SL is unwilling to unveil herself.

Go figure.

19 December, 2014

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.

There's a thread going on the SLF where the OP bemoans the fact that some people (women) that fail to meet his high standard of beauty (naturally, he doesn't show his own face...) have the audacity to put RL pictures of themselves in their SL profiles. One gets the impression that he thinks that all of the women in SL are there for his pleasure, or that of men like him.

The reaction in the Forum thus far has been mostly as expected. After all, what can one say to a complete moron?

The one show of support for the OP has come from another complete moron who goes by the avatar name of JamieThunder:
Others may get indignant with the OP but I get what he says. If he got you all upset thenmaybe it hit close to home. I catch flak for the RL pic I have of myself on my profile. Early 20, s though I look a few years younger. Many is the time while out clubbing I get an im from some middleaged aged daft cow resentful for the fact that I have a pic posted.95% of the time THEY don, t have one on theirs (go figure) yet they show their resentment . Its kind of obvious the type, the BARBIE avis in thigh high boots, halter tops and cut offs. WELL huns I could care less, I eat right, exercise and  take care of myself . Not everyone on here is old, just as many who like myself are youngerso don, t be butthurt over men OR women that choose not to care for their health and appearance. Just as it was suggested not to look at the pic he finds a Turnoff if someones pic makes you rentful then keep your anger to yourself because no one is going to remove their pic because someone feels inadequate .
Well, I had to see what this young, fit, trim master of spelling, grammar and punctuation that generates such feelings of inadequacy in apparently insanely jealous women from all over SL that they feel compelled to harass her looked like.

Jamie's original "RL" profile photo. Zero results in TinEye and Google Images searches but...

Besides the aspect being way off, there's just something about this photo that doesn't feel right. It's almost... commercial. Let's fix it up and run a Google Images search.

It turns out that this is from an amateur porn photo set and I link to a Google Images search results page in my three word reply:
You don't say...
[Note: Clicking links on the Google Images search results page linked above may be NSFW.]

I click around a bit and then land back at Jamie's About page (here's a screen cap of it in case she decides to change it again) where I notice that she has already switched the photo out for a different one.

A face only a mother could love.

Being the complete moron that she is, she uses a photo featuring the same model from another photo set that is on at least one of the same pages linked to in the Google Images search results I posted!

Like I said. COMPLETE moron.

At this point I reply to another poster who has responded after having obviously looked at the Google Images search results:

LOL. She's changed it. I wonder if she knows/noticed that the uncropped version of the new one is on one of the pages linked.

ETA: You might want to add this to your list of profile codes, Jamie:

14) "Oui, c'est moi" (added to her profile when she changed pics) = I found this pic on the internet, mangled the hell out of it, and hope you haven't seen the original
[Please note that any further responses from me (besides three others, quoted below) are paraphrased/guesstimated, as Jamie and/or her soon-to-appear meat puppet saw fit to RIC my post(s) after it became all too apparent to them that theirs was an epic fail (and they, my responses, were included in the warning I received). The same for any edits that these two people that share a brain made to their posts, as LL finally fixed the bug (?) that sent email notification of every single edit made to every post. Inquiries made to other posters for copies of emailed notifications of my posts have produced no results. I wish one could receive notifications of one's own posts if desired. Now that would be useful!]

I can change it again if that suits you? Or are you just another of the jealous trolls that live a life of resentment? Why is it that if a person is proud of their looks, figure, health others get bent out of shape. I for one do not FOLLOW the FAT ACCEPTANCE PC bs. My parents taught me to have repespect for my body and set guidelines that I still follow. Seems to work well for myself and my husband who is 19 years my senior. Even at 43 I bet dollars to your sack of donuts he would make you look like a toad.But then hey prove me wrong and post a RL pic that is REALLY you. HATER!
I stated that I had a RL pic of myself in my profile "(which is more than I can say for you)."


That is my profile pic, as is the few others I have used, WHICH is much more than I can say for you.....

But then YOURS is the typical loser retort
Yes, I can see that. But it's not a pic of you.

BTW... Since you seem to lack any image editing ability...

A face to be proud of!

That's much better than this, don't you think?

A face only a mother could love.

But then... It'd be easier to dig up, wouldn't it?

JamieThunder, in one of her edits that I responded to:

BTW your POSE is common azzclownish. I know you THINK it makes you look all studly and all but let me clue you MOST women would Laugh
Good thing I'm not trying to impress most women.
Jamie then flees the thread, presumably after her fingers cramped up from hitting that RIC button. But not to fear. The meat puppet cometh!


Cor Blime Lass, cut the bloke a bit of slack before he winds up in need of theraphy. But I do agree, he does look somewhat of a bloody twit in that picture:manlol:
Spoiler (Highlight to read)
I confess to being a bit confused here as to who was who, as I had done some profile perving, including that of Jamie's "sis". I said something like "Oh, look. Here comes her boyfriend to save her" (when in actuality he is her "sis's" partner in SL).

P.S. There was no spoiler. Pity.

I,m not her BF you bloody thick **bleep**, but I will fess up truthfully and say I have been a mate of her dad for some years and can attest that is her. Why is it I get the feeling you are as camp as a row of pink tents?
Oi, Before you begin to make assumptions about others bloke just let me clear something up . Its fairly easy to check the truthfullness of a picture. Lets take yours for example. I went inworld, went to your profile, pulled up ypor " RL (?) picture. printscreened, cropped for Paint then did an online search via GOOGLE.... Not being very TRUTHFUL now are you?
Oh ,least i forget mate, that picture of "You" is even on a gay porn sight
Pardon, I meant a Gay dating website.
LOL. Nice try, trying to turn it around. Your pal Jamie is caught using pics that are posted on a number of amateur porn sites and it's MY RL pic (which I took with my old phone, BTW) that's a fake? That's hilarious.

    HarryBullocks wrote:

    ...did an online search via GOOGLE.... Not being very TRUTHFUL now are you?

Go ahead and post the Google Image Search link (like I did).
I responded to Harry's claim that he found my profile pic on "a gay porn sight" (Ooops. Sorry. A "Gay dating website.") by saying that I may have used it on Grindr at one time. I was then about to add "Never mind, I'll post the (Google Images search) link for you" when I encountered the "The message you are responding to is not available" alert.

Sure enough, all of my posts from where I first responded to Jamie, as well as all replies, were gone. If all else fails, RIC 'em, eh, Jamie/Harry?

Oh, and I received a warning. I'm confused, though. Is it because I:

  • a. pointed out Jamie's incredible stupidity;
  • b. questioned Jamie's image editing abilities; or
  • c. showed Jamie and Harry to both be liars?
[I can't help but notice, reading back, that Jamie and Harry share the peculiar habits of:
  • a. dropping their apostrophes so that they become commas;
  • b. frequently adding spaces before punctuation; and
  • c. sometimes skipping punctuation altogether at the ends of paragraphs.
Also: Jamie, Jamie's partner and Jamie's "sis" HarleiQuinn all refuse to voice/Skype. Harry's profile is unavailable. It does make one wonder.]

This thread has (or rather, had) it all. Superficiality in the extreme, sexism/misogyny, ageism, and gay baiting. All it needs is a skosh of racism and maybe some Godwinning.

UPDATE. December 20. Jamie's SL partner has come to her defense in that disaster of a thread.

Oh! And look! He shares all three of the very same peculiar typing habits as Jamie and Harry!

I,m sure your reply will be to call me out as a liar or ALT but frankly I could care less . I don't frequent this SL forum due to the behavior of so many people on here , the ones being on here for some time being the WORST of examples
UPDATE II. December 20. Jamie's "sis" appears to have the same handicap as Jamie, Harry and Ritter. It must be something in the water.

From her profile:
I,m looking for a tribute band on SL that needs a Bassplayer. An ALL GIRL band would be great but hey I,m game for any band as long as its rock or heavy metal. Have a Fender Jazz Bass and animations,RL experience too!!!
HIT ME UP if yu have a band , know a band in need or a band manager
P.S. I think Jamie's "sis" needs an education in editing images (after ripping them from websites), too. Pics in her profile suffer from the same aspect ratio problems as Jamie's. (Oh, and that Ritter Classic 5 String Bass? It retailed at $9K. Ask me if I think she bought it or ever had it in her possession.)