21 December, 2014

Meanwhile, over at the SLU #GamerGate circle jerk...

According to my personal stalker...
Once more, Moaner... try to read it slooooowly this time and then repeat it to yourself, and repeat it again if you need to...

Reading does not equal stalking.
... (who also supports GG), ...
Mmmm. If you weren't "stalking" me, Moaner, how ever would you arrive at that conclusion?

I will say that I don't support the tactics of some of GamerGate's supporters but I do think that GamerGate has some valid points which have been all but lost in the noise.

I also don't support the tactics of the other side, who have done absolutely everything in their power to drown out any valid points that GamerGate and its supporters have with their constant... and I do mean constant... screeching (see above RE noise) and professional victimhood.

Now tell me what a misogynist I am.

... I'm supposedly a man too...
That is my belief, yes. And I'm far from alone in that belief.

Now tell me how that makes me, and anyone else who thinks so, a misogynist.

... (of course, he'll never provide proof).
And you'll never provide proof otherwise. You'll only dodge. Like when people ask you to a Google chat or to join a podcast to discuss a topic that you've put yourself forth as an expert on.

So, public or private, the maven of all that is SL is unwilling to unveil herself.

Go figure.

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